Oman, a strikingly beautiful land of rugged mountains and sparkling shores on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, has long been regarded as the source of the world’s most precious aromatic ingredients.The land of Majan — as Oman was called in centuries past — was renowned for its handpicked mountaintop blossoms, perfumed oils and resins: amber, myrrh and, most importantly, frankincense.

Its fragrant crystals were more valuable than gold and were greatly desired by many. From Rome to China, cultures around the world sought frankincense; ships carried the precious cargo to the east, while caravans of camels carried the treasure of Majan to the north, south, and west.

Today, Oman stands out among nations as a land of peace, harmony and contemporary Oriental elegance. Yet its roots, steeped in traditions from ages past, reveal the role the country has played in the world of fragrance – from ancient times until today.

The culture of Oman is infused with rich aromas. “From childhood, Omanis learn to layer fragrance, like artists building up colors in a painting”, recounts an expert on Oman’s heritage. The importance of scent in Omani culture and hospitality is unshakable.